Frequently Asked Questions


Working with Stafone Staffing is plain and simple. We connect Job seekers with the right Employers. We connect the Employers with the right Job Seekers. We oversee the performance of our employed candidates and have regular One-on-One discussions to understand everybody's needs. We hear our Employers and immediately act as per their directions.
  1. Our hourly bill rate covers all payroll and administration costs.
  2. • CPP • EI • EHT • WSIB • Cheque Preparation • T4 and ROE processing • Vacation Pay
  3. All employer responsibilities and legal obligations remain with us.
  4. • Pay only for hours worked • Four (4) hour daily minimum
  5. Permanent Placements • No fee charged until a hiring decision is made
  6. Replacement Guarantees provide risk free service
  7. Specialist in Temporary, Contract & Permanent Staffing
  8. • 24 Hour nightline service • Seasoned recruiters • Controlled Goods Certified • Top quality service
  1. Our Job Seekers are placed with the right Employers based on their Skills.
  2. We get feedback from both Employers and Candidates and effectively communicate between them.
  3. Our Account Managers are responsible for every dispute resolution in an effective manner.
  4. We are responsible for all compensation payments, Hourly negotiations and placements for our candidates.
  5. We make sure our candidates have enough work based on their availability and work around their schedules.
  6. We provide training to our Candidates and make them job ready.
  7. If a candidate loses his job, we analyze what went wrong and try to improve / reskill and will help in replacement.
  • If you're interested in working with Stafone,you can fill out our employer request form,letting us know what type of talent you're currently seeking. A hiringspecialist will be in touch soon. Alternately, you can call the Stafone branchclosest to you directly.

  • With our depth of experience, we're able to createa targeted hiring strategy no matter what industry you're looking to hire in.That said, some of the industries we hire in mostfrequently include: office & administration, customerservice, manufacturing & logistics, skilled trades, technologies,engineering, finance & accounting, sales & marketing and human resources.

  • We're experts at recruiting and hiring. We've worked withthousands of companies and have a deep understanding of the current job marketand labor trends in key industries. Using our wealth of experience as a guide,we develop a custom hiring strategy for each and every client that maximizeshiring efficiency.

  • Stafone finds talent in a variety of ways. We have anextensive database of prescreened candidates that we can drawfrom. However, our recruiters may also seek out qualified candidatesthrough a variety of mediums online and off.

  • We can deliver the first short-listed candidates for mostroles within a few days of commencing your search.

  • You can contact us about your hiring needsusing our employer contactform, and we'll be in touch shortly. If you'd rather speak with aconsultant directly, you can call your local Stafone branch. 

  • There's no single answer to this question, as it depends onthe industry you're hiring in, the current market demand, and a variety ofother factors. However, once you settle on a fill date with your Stafoneconsultant, we will go above and beyond to ensure we meet your deadline.

  • Stafone has a 98% talent retention rate. We want you to besatisfied that you've found an employee that is the right long-term fit yourcompany.

  • Absolutely. If you're looking for a high volumeof candidates, Stafone is a recognized leader with the resources andconnections to help. Fill out our hiring form or reachout to a Stafone branchnear you to learn more.

  • Absolutely. Stafone helps companies with a diverse range ofhiring needs, including temporary and contract placements. Share your temporaryhiring needs with your Stafone consultant, and we'll ensure you find the rightperson for the job.

  • Absolutely. If you're looking to add permanentemployees to your team, let us know what you're looking for andwe'll be in touch. Once we understand your mandate, we'll deliver qualitycandidates for you to consider.

  • Absolutely. If you are conducting a confidential hire, we canhelp you discreetly search for the right candidate. Ask your Stafone consultantfor more details on our confidential hiring process.

  • Yes. Stafone offers payroll solutions to ourcandidates. If need be, we can work to provide solutions for the employers aswell. Ask your Stafone consultant for details.

  • Yes. We offer an employee benefit program for part-time andtemp employees hired through Stafone. The program includes options such ashealth and dental coverage, critical illness insurance and term life insurance.Ask your Stafone consultant for more details.

  • Absolutely. Stafone considers all candidates equally. We donot give preference to candidates based on gender, race, religion, politics,sexual orientation or any other factors beyond their qualifications for thejob.

  • Absolutely. Stafone has agents operating out of variouscountries including the U.S., India, various European nations, Middle East andAustralia. We're more than happy to use our network to help with yourinternational hiring needs.

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