Stafoneplaces hundreds of qualified professionals in various positions all around theyear, covering all levels and roles. Each palcement is contingency-based and comeswith a replacement guarantee. Our recruitment experts trust on a provenmethodology complete with screening, sourcing, skills assessment, matching, andhiring techniques.


temporary & part-time staffing

Doyou think your business needs a flexible staffing solution to capitalize on cyclicalor seasonal opportunities? Stafone's temporary staffing solutions offer you thatflexibility. Contact us to find more about how our recruiting experts can helpyou meet the challenges that your business faces.

permanent staffing

Ifyou are looking to hire a permanent staff, we can help you find the rightcandidate for your line of work. If you are using our temporary contract staffand would like to hire them on a permanent basis; we can talk.No fee chargeduntil a hiring decision is made.

Choose the Specialism that Stafone Staffing can help your Company with